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GreenHill Investments: A Semester in Review by Aviya Garg

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

This Spring 2023 semester, I had the pleasure of serving as the Executive Account Associate with the GreenHill investment account! I was joined by Supervisor Hayley Ipsaro; Account Associates Ben Martin, Ryan Meyers, and Grace Choi; and our Freshman Intern Isabelle Kelly. While many accounts at Hill Communications dedicate their content and PR efforts to their account’s external audiences, the GreenHill team focused on creating content and tools for the company’s internal employee network.

Our first objective was to conduct research on Relevant Industry Associations (RIA’s) and Non-Profit markets. These are two markets GreenHill has the opportunity to expand into. From our research came three strategies to give GreenHill the best results in the expansion: 1) having efficient communication 2) tailoring pitches based on the client 3) making decisions based on the mutual benefits of joining each market. Our next objective was to update the awards tracker that was first developed in November of 2022. We found new award opportunities and updated the submission requirements, dates, costs and contact information. Our final objective was to enhance client communication efforts. We developed a press release on behalf of GreenHill to inform the public about its services. We also wrote out a script to be used in future client education video production.

Our team thoroughly enjoyed helping out our clients, Harry, Jack and Bill. They brought so much passion and excitement to our meetings and spoke very highly of the GreenHill – Hill Communications partnership. I never thought I would find myself doing work for an investment company, but I am so glad that I branched out and tried a new industry. I feel that my team’s impact efforts will make a positive impact on GreenHill’s recognition for a very long time.

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