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  • Megan Perry

Welcoming Our New Client, Densification

By: Megan Perry

This semester, Hill Communications had the opportunity to take on Densification as a new client. Densification is a construction contracting firm that specializes in dynamic compaction. This means that the company focuses on creating stable land to build on when a developer encounters poor soil conditions or questionable ground filling jobs. They do this through dynamic compaction – dropping weights on the ground until it is compact, solid and flat.

Our team on this account included Account Supervisor Luke Elliot; our Account Associates Lucy Mandel and Charlotte Ebel; our Intern Ava Zimmer; and I served as our Account Executive. One of the most exciting things about working on a new client account with such a strong team is that we got to lay the foundation for future public relations work for the company. Densification was finishing up a rebrand right as we started to get involved with the company, and it was thrilling to see the behind-the-scenes of that process and contribute to it as well. In addition to doing an audit of its social media accounts and creating suggestions for improving them, we also got to work with the new company branding and logo to create merchandise mockups for the company to adopt once the rebranding is complete.

Working on the Densification account this semester was very reflective of how many agencies operate in the field. We were lucky enough to have a meeting in person with our client over lunch to discuss some of our initial research at the beginning of the semester. This was the first time I got to do a live meeting like this at Hill Communications and it was an exciting taste of what to expect in the industry. It was wonderful to meet our client in person and discuss business face-to-face about our findings and potential solutions early on. Overall this experience with Densification and Hill Communications was so worthwhile as I, and the rest of the team, developed many new skills and gained real insights into the field of public relations and its potential impacts on the construction industry.

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