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Reflections on Acropolis

By Cristina Herrera

Hi! I’m Cristina, and I’m a sophomore studying Public Relations and Marketing Management here at Syracuse. I joined Hill Comm in the fall of 2020 as account associate on the Acropolis Realty Group account and worked as account executive this spring. These past two semesters with ARG have been incredible, and I’ve learned so many things along the way. My team and I primarily focused on building ARG’s social media presence, so we did everything from content brainstorming to making graphics to analyzing engagement. Although I can see myself working in entertainment or fashion PR, learning more about real estate has been so interesting and fun. My team has been amazing, and it’s been so rewarding to get of glimpse of what it’s actually like working with others for a real-life client. It’s taught me the importance of effectively communicating both internally with the members of our organization and externally to those who consume our content. Additionally, it’s been great getting experience in listening to the client’s wants and then using our creativity to exceed their expectations. I cannot speak highly enough of my time at Hill Comm, and I’m so excited to get back to work in the fall!

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