• Nacy Woods

Alumni Spotlight: Emma Ryan '19

Our alumni of the month for January is Emma Ryan, class of 2019. Unlike some, Emma joined Hill Communications during her junior year and hit the ground running as an account supervisor. During her senior year, Emma served as the Director of Communications on E-Board. Today, she is a data analyst specializing in social media at Lippe Taylor in New York City. I had the pleasure of catching up with Emma during winter break to hear about her career since graduation and how her experience at Hill Communications helped her grow professionally.

At Lippe Taylor, Emma’s day to day tasks include monitoring social conversations, strategy planning, and analyzing big picture data. “It wasn’t what I thought I would be doing”.

Why would you encourage more members to apply for supervisor positions?

" Definitely do it. Being an account supervisor teaches you how to be a leader. It is fulfilling for you and fulfilling [for your team]. You will do the same amount of work as an account associate, but you will just have different priorities. You'll never be alone, and being a supervisor will be whatever you put into it."

What is one piece of advice you give to current members of Hill Com and other PR students?

“Be open to everything! Don’t think, "Oh my God, I wanna work at this one firm". Don't think you know anything, go in knowing nothing. Go in ready to learn, ask a ton of questions, and network, please network.”

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