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Alumni Spotlight: Riva Goldberg

Our first alumni spotlight is Riva Goldberg, '20! Riva joined Hill Communications during the fall of her freshman year as an intern and afterwards held a variety of positions, including account associate, account executive, director of human resources, and most notably, firm director last year. Riva is now on the digital ad and marketing team for W2O group, a health care and analytics focused marketing and communications firm. 

Tell me about your Hill Communications experience and how it affected your time at Syracuse?

“Hill Comm totally positively impacted my time at Syracuse by giving me an internship experience without having to go anywhere. It helped me be able to work with and manage others and was a great talking point during interviews.”

Where is your career at right now, and how did Hill Communications help prepare you for the real world? 

“Hill Comm helped me get my internship at W20 Group the summer after my junior year. I used my learnings from Hill Comm to answer a ton of questions during interviews, interviewers were very impressed by Hill Comm as an organization.”

What is one piece of advice you give to current members of Hill Communications and other PR students?

“Network and keep your network strong,” and when referring to the public relations world, “it's a small world, you never know where someone will be able to help.”

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