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  • Eliana Pietras

Dynamic Sustainability Lab

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

This semester, Hill Communications had the opportunity to take on the Dynamic Sustainability Lab as a brand new client. Located on Syracuse University’s campus, the Dynamic Sustainability Lab (DSL) is an organization led by Dr. Jay Golden that provides insight and guidance in the transition to a net-zero carbon economy through research conducted by students. Working as the supervisor for this new account was an incredible experience, and I’m grateful for my team members: Account Executive Teresa Buzzoni; Account Associates Dylan Trotter and Annika Holmberg; and Freshman Intern Jared Petrosky.

One of the benefits of having a new account is that we get to lay the foundations for what will hopefully become a long-term mutually beneficial relationship between Hill Comm and the DSL. My team and I established social media channels on Twitter and LinkedIn and created a content calendar that will feature students and their research on various sustainability sectors. We also were able to assist in the planning of a podcast series, dissemination of the first ever newsletter from the lab, and began to set up future plans for on-campus ambassadors, events, media pitching, and student engagement.

Throughout my career and studies as a graduate student at Newhouse, I have concluded that working for mission-driven clients is incredibly important to me. The DSL’s purpose of researching and bringing awareness to sustainability is something that my team members and I fully support, which made working with the lab that much easier. I appreciate that Hill Communications seeks out clients who are making a difference; as students at one of the top communications schools, our accounts benefit from quality work and lower rates while we benefit from seeing results and gaining professional experience.

As the spring semester comes to a close, I can confidently say that my time at Hill Communications was well-spent. Getting agency experience while going through an accelerated master’s program can be tricky. I’m thankful for the experience I’ve gained working as a supervisor over the last two semesters and would encourage both undergraduate and graduate students to apply in the future- it’s great to help out these causes and get experience that will help further your career.

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