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  • Jared Petrosky

Dynamic Sustainability Lab

The team that worked on the Dynamic Sustainability Lab account this past semester have made the past few months arguably the most successful in the clients tenure with Hill Communications. The Dynamic Sustainability Lab is a student research program that is dedicated to examining the opportunities as well as risks and unintended consequences resulting from the adoption of new technologies, new strategies/policies and our growing dependence on foreign-sourced resources and supply chains used in the transition to a Net-Zero Carbon Economy. Since the lab’s research is applicable to a very broad audience, the account had some trouble deciding what target audience they wanted to reach in the past. However, in this semester the account was able to focus solely on attracting students attending Syracuse University and SUNY ESF to the various events the Dynamic Sustainability Lab hosted on campus this year. This gave the team the unique opportunity to reach out to a demographic that we are a part of which helped us reach our goal.

This semester’s team was made up of Account Supervisor, Gabby Harrison; our Account Associates Ashley Corso, Lauren Wiertel and Rylee Dang; and I served as the Account Executive. We started out the semester by creating a content calendar and brainstorming ways to promote Sustainable Syracuse, a week of events including a talk with Tom Steyer. Once we had our ideas mapped out we began researching all of the campus news outlets for both Syracuse and ESF and chose which one would be the best to pitch to.

Then began my favorite part of the semester, writing email patches for each news outlet we selected. This type of project is similar to the type of work most of the team will be doing after our time at Hill Communications and it’s always great to get some early experience. After pitching, each of the team members put up 6 posters that advertised the Tom Steyer talk around campus. At the end of the semester the team was able to see that all their hard work paid off, as the Tom Steyer event was full of people and the Daily Orange put out an article about the event. I was very impressed with the success the team had this semester.

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