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  • Katherine Quinn

Minds of SU: One Semester Later

As the continued partnership of Real Chemistry, TNH and Hill Communications has persisted, we’ve had the opportunity to pivot our campaign into an entirely new channel within the health and wellness sector. May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and its commencement coincides with the culmination and wrapping of our semester-long efforts. Not only have we successfully surveyed and reported on the student sentiment pre-, during and post-pandemic, but we also created a holistic social media presence detailing trends and compelling content.

The research carried out in the fall semester made it clear that the pandemic has had a substantial impact on student perceptions of individual mental health. With that in mind, we set out to design a comprehensive set of social media posts that would not only address the concerns of Syracuse students but also served to increase awareness and offer unique, relatable perspectives. For more information on our key insights, check out our comprehensive report on the Newhouse website.

With content ranging from infographics detailing college students’ innermost thoughts to incorporating trending topics like Euphoria, love languages, and daily affirmations, the Hill Communications and TNH team set out to produce a balance of lighthearted and resolute, intentional posts. That is in fact, quite reflective of our own health and wellness journeys. Highs and lows are common, and the route can be convoluted. Striving to encapsulate the never ending drive to achieve a healthy and well mindset was not an easy task, but a lesson in growth, teamwork and uncovering genuineness for the team. Finishing strong with a vulnerable video unpacking mental health stigmas in intersectionality, placing student narratives at the forefront of our campaign was the focus. Who better to speak to student experiences than students themselves?

As always, the organizational efforts from the TNH and Real Chemistry teams are a phenomenal opportunity to learn how to liaison between different structural teams. This responsibility is exclusive to the Minds of SU account and an incredible experience in collaboration, with all of its trials and tribulations.

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