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  • Julia Scaglione

Newhouse PR: A Culmination of Experiences

My experience with Hill Comm has been incredible. It is my fourth semester with the firm, and I have learned so many valuable skills that I will take with me into my classes and career after college. I want to speak on my different experiences within the firm, starting with my freshman internship semester.

Fall 2019: A Tiny Home for Good

My freshman internship semester was my introduction to Hill Comm and my most transformative one. I was involved with everything the team did while simultaneously learning from the Director of Development key skills for success in my classes and career.

In that semester, my team accomplished a lot for our client, A Tiny Home for Good. A Tiny Home for Good provides homes for those facing homelessness in the Syracuse community. We wrote blog posts for its website and managed its social media.

I am grateful for a project where I used skills from my COM 117 class to make a video for A Tiny Home for Good. We traveled to a home that A Tiny Home for Good has built and made a short video about the resident living there. It was a wonderful experience and let me develop my interview and multimedia skills.

Spring 2020: J Allen Inspired

J Allen Inspired was an account I worked on during a tough semester for everyone, but Hill Comm was a constant during the craziness of leaving school and figuring out the new, entirely virtual world. J Allen Inspired is an accessory company based in LA.

I had a great time working for that account since I had a great team with a tailored focus. We focused on re-branding social media, and I got experience in branding where I never have before.

I was also in charge of pitching J Allen Inspired to local news outlets in LA. It was great to craft pitches and then pitch to others, and I have taken those skills and applied them to internships outside of Hill Comm.

Fall 2020 and Spring 2021: Newhouse PR

For the past two semesters, I have worked with an account very different from the first two, Newhouse PR. This account was all about working to improve the PR department's public relations.

I am happy I could work as an account supervisor in the fall and as the account executive in the spring. We focused mainly on social media, and it was an excellent opportunity to practice my social media skills.

We unified the Instagram and Twitter aesthetic and created a Facebook and LinkedIn account. It was an excellent opportunity to reach out to other students, professors and alumni for content.

Overall, my experience in Hill Comm has been nothing but fantastic. I am looking forward to my next two years in Hill Comm, continuing to build my PR skills with real opportunities I would not have elsewhere.

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