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Rebranding Shades of Inspiration

Working on the Shades of Inspiration account this semester provided an opportunity to learn about rebranding and building a social media presence from scratch. Shades of Inspiration is a nonprofit of 10 breast cancer survivors who serve as a support group for women battling breast cancer in Syracuse. The group, incorporated in 2011, focuses on African American women and other minorities by breaking the stigma around talking about cancer. Connected by shared experiences, the members can attend doctor appointments or talk as emotional support. Shades of Inspiration sought Hill Communications’ assistance in marketing its main event in July, refining its mission statement and redesigning the website to a more digestible format. These objectives allowed our team to work professionally to practice company rebranding and event planning from a PR standpoint. The team conducted an audit, created a social media plan and used Wix to design a new color scheme and format a new website layout suitable for Shades of Inspiration. As Shades of Inspiration’s officers are less experienced with social media and technology, our team’s work provided the tools and basis for the nonprofit to reach a larger audience in Syracuse. This semester, our team included Account Supervisor Stella Balaskas; Account Associates Hannah Kail and Hailee Posnock; Freshman Intern Jessica Hammersley; and I served as Account Executive. Since this was a new client for Hill Communications, our team could have more creative liberties in designing the website than more established accounts. It was exciting to participate in the creative process from beginning to end.

A favorite part of our team’s semester was finalizing the client’s new website. The process of creating a navigable website is that of trial and error. Each member was assigned a different section to work on, which required communication and coordination since we had to work at separate times. We presented the website drafts to the client several times and always received corrections and critiques. Finalizing the website was rewarding since all the pieces came together, and our product was something we could be proud of. Since social media presence and brand establishment online are so crucial in the modern market, the skills we learned working on this account will benefit our professional public relations careers.

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