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  • Dillon Williams

Reflecting on Growth: Hill Communications’ Journey in 2023

As we flip our calendars to 2024, it's a fitting time to pause and reflect on the remarkable journey that Hill Communications has experienced throughout the year. As Firm Director, I am proud to share the significant milestones and finish lines Hill Communications has crossed within the past year.

1. Brand Evolution: A Creative Renaissance

At the start of the 2022-23 school year, we embarked on a transformative journey led by Executive Creative Director, Ryan Garrett Connor. The re-design of our brand was a bold move, and it laid the foundation for our continued success. This year, under the leadership of our new Executive Creative Director, Ethan Rujak, we took it a step further with a website re-design that reflects the essence of Hill Communications in 2023.

2. Restructuring for Success

Change is a constant, and we embraced it by enhancing our executive-level structure. Welcoming another Assistant Firm Director and merging the roles of Director of Human Resources and Director of Communications into the newly created position of Director of Internal and External Communications were strategic decisions that streamlined our executive level and created better communication within our team.

3. A Record-Breaking Recruitment Season

This fall, we were overwhelmed with the incredible response from over 150 applicants. After a week-long selection process, we proudly welcomed 81 new members, comprising 74 team positions and 7 Executive Board members. These individuals now play vital roles in 11 account teams and a creative team, addressing the diverse needs of our clients in graphics and video.

4. National Recognition and Affiliation

Regaining our status as a nationally affiliated firm with the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) is a testament to our unwavering commitment to professionalism and ethical standards. This certification not only elevates our standing within the Syracuse University community but also positions our team members for recognition and awards on a national stage. It's a proud moment for Hill Communications as we continue to uphold the highest standards in our industry.

5. Looking Ahead to 2024: Crafting Lasting Relationships

As we turn the page to 2024, our sights are set on further solidifying Hill Communications as a premier student-run public relations firm at Syracuse University. In collaboration with our dedicated student employees and valued clients, we aim to cultivate lasting relationships that extend beyond our university walls. Our goal is to foster prosperity and growth through meaningful connections, both within Syracuse University and across the United States.

In closing, I extend my deepest gratitude to every member of the Hill Communications family—past, present, and future. Your dedication, creativity, and passion are the driving forces behind our success for the past 22 years and the future. 

Dillon Williams

Firm Director, Hill Communications

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