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  • Megan Perry

Reflections on Newhouse MND

My name is Megan, and I am a sophomore majoring in public relations and minoring in business here at Syracuse! My first semester in Hill Communications was the spring semester of 2021 where I spent my time interning on the Squip account. This semester, I have been working on the Newhouse MND account as the account executive. I have learned so much from my two semesters working at Hill Communications, but this semester as an account executive has been the most incredible experience!

The Newhouse MND account focused on creating student-centered social media content. We spent a lot of time reaching out to current MND students to get their advice for other MND majors, opinions on MND classes and some insight into their typical day as an MND student. By heavily including students in our content, we increased our interactions with our followers and were able to grow our social media following due to students sharing their friends’ content and following to see more. Learning tactical planning skills like this, along with stronger researching skills, has made me feel extremely excited to enter the professional workforce soon. I cannot wait to begin to work for companies where I get to come up with creative ways to form connections with audiences as we did on this account.

I think my favorite thing about working at Hill Communications while also being a full-time student is seeing how much overlap there is. I’m currently taking VIS 207, an introduction to graphic design class, and the more I learn about Adobe Suite in the class, the higher quality of the graphics I produce for our account becomes. As the account executive, I had the additional responsibility of keeping track of the time each of us spent working and the theoretical cost of our work. Learning how to do this time tracking and budgeting has proved to be a great experience for me, as I was able to apply it to my current PRL 376 class. Hill Communications is a fantastic opportunity to enhance my education alongside my required classes, and I am elated that I have been able to capitalize on this opportunity. I look forward to continuing to work here for my final two years at Syracuse!

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