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  • Julia Scaglione

Take Action with CCAA

Check out the story of how one account took on Climate Change in the Syracuse Community

Here we are again, another semester with Hill Communications has flown by and is in the books. Working on the Climate Change Awareness & Action account as an account executive has been an incredibly rewarding experience. CCAA’s mission is to educate the public about the dangers of climate change and help reverse its detrimental impacts on our society. Prior to this semester, the other accounts I worked on were Newhouse-affiliated organizations, and while extremely valuable, it felt that much more fulfilling to help spread the message of an organization that prioritizes the greater good of our society. Our client’s desire to enact change is contagious, prompting our team to emulate its passion in our own efforts as we spread CCAA’s important messages.

This semester I was lucky enough to work alongside a team of strong and hard-working ladies who made our female force one to be reckoned with. We communicated frequently to make sure everyone was on the same page, fostering an environment where it is encouraged to ask questions and call on others for help when needed. Our weekly Friday Zoom calls allowed us to work collaboratively and make decisions as a group. Our main efforts throughout the semester included developing a content calendar, posting multiple times per week, and engaging with similar accounts across various social media platforms. Without the efforts of each individual on my team, the CCAA would neither have achieved exponential growth across its social media accounts nor established itself as a credible content creator.

While the pandemic posed challenges surrounding in-person events and sustainable efforts, we were able to contribute creative ways to generate awareness surrounding CCAA and its important contributions to the CNY community. If I learned one thing this semester, it is to keep up the mindset that there is no idea too big. Thinking outside of the box allows for new and innovative solutions and ways to spread our clients’ messages. While CCAA will not be working with Hill Communications next semester, I am confident that our work will have lasting impacts on the organization and will allow CCAA to continue its positive contributions to the CNY community and beyond.

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