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  • Dillon Williams

Taking our Seat at The Table

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Working on the Seat at The Table account this semester was as global an experience as Hill Communications could offer. Seat at The Table is a program created by the Global Nomads Group that focuses on creating global conversation on the issues affecting teens today, allowing for a safe space for teens to speak freely about their viewpoints on these critical issues. As the Global Nomads Group aims to reach youth everywhere, our team was paired to work with staff in Jordan to increase overall brand awareness of Seat at the Table. This gave our team the opportunity to expand our horizons both culturally and professionally – learning how our PR strategies could be applied to a worldwide audience. The team and I researched blogs for collaborations, wrote blog posts, social media captions, and image descriptions as well as got amazing practice on Canva designing a plethora of social media posts aligning with the Seat at The Table mission and color scheme. The work we have done this semester built a solid foundation for Seat at The Table to continue prospering not only with Hill Communications but also on its mission goals.

This semester, our team included Account Supervisor Kayla Torrence-Johnson; our Account Associates Ellie Brill, Katie Murray; our Intern Biying Wang; and I served as Account Executive. Our team started fresh on this account as it was a new client to Hill Communications, so our teamwork and eagerness to learn proved to be the perfect tools in creating a successful semester with our client.

A favorite part of our team’s semester had to be seeing our posts up on the client’s Instagram. Working every week to create the new graphics, seeing them posted was a sign of our hard work paid off. Along with our graphics, our team was able to try something new in learning how to write image descriptions. With an increased emphasis on accessibility as part of our client’s goals, we were able to work on a skill that will be easily transferred to our future careers.

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