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Winter Break Intern Spotlight: Daniella French '23

This winter, account executive, Daniella French, is taking advantage of her extra time at home. Through her PRL 206 class, French landed her internship at the skincare company Beautology Lab after discovering their lack of PR. She is now in charge of the brand's marketing and social media pages, with an overarching goal of finding influencers who truly care about Beautology Lab and its dedication to toxic free, all natural products. I had the opportunity to chat with French about her experience as an intern, and how she utilizes the skills she gained from Hill Communications in her day-to-day tasks.

Beautology Lab is a skincare company founded by Karina Moises, based out of Miami, Florida. The brand's motto is "nature-found, science-driven" emphasizing their focus on clean, sustainable products. A unique highlight of Beautology Lab is the company's ban on over 2,700 toxic chemicals found in many beauty products. In comparison, Europe has banned 1,623 toxic chemicals, while the United States has only banned 11. Beautology Lab's mission is to "raise the standard for clean and accessible beauty."

A typical intern day for French includes pitching editors and influencers Beautology Lab's signature product, a natural gold eye mask designed to reduce puffiness and prevent redness. She reaches out to other skincare and beauty companies to create brand connections, while participating in company-wide calls. French also creates all content for the brand's Instagram and TikTok pages and monitors its social analytics.

French provided great advice for future public relations students looking to apply to summer internships, saying "Go into whatever you find interesting and find as many opportunities as possible. Just do it and give it your 100%."

Although only a sophomore, French has proven to be an excellent member of Hill Communications, her dedication and positive attitude earning her the MVP award on the Greenhill account. We look forward to seeing where she goes from here!

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