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  • Ava Zimmer

Working with Densification Inc.

This semester in Hill Communications, we worked with Densification Inc. to raise overall attention and awareness to their sites. To kick off the semester, Densification Inc. completely rebranded its website and social media platforms. Moving forward from this rebrand, we had a few objectives in mind. One of those objectives was to stabilize the company’s social media presence and the other was to bolster the company’s new website. We separated tasks into social media planning and content creation that would be published on their Linkedin and news releases that were published directly to their website. With the help of our social media group, we were able to plan content months in advance to help our client know when and what to post. This will set them up for success moving forward with their rebrand. Additionally, with the news releases, we were able to backfill their website with news and information so people could learn more about the company and what they do. 

For social media content, we aimed to push followers from Linkedin to their new site so they were able to see the rebrand. We used generated ideas which we added to a content calendar partnered with caption ideas that would be posted to the platforms. Some of these posts were holiday posts, but we additionally worked with the creative team to make informational graphics to enhance their social media presence. Overall, we saw a 300% increase in social engagement and gained over 360% in followers. Although we saw success in the three months that we worked with Densification, their followers and overall interactions will only increase as time goes on. With tons of content ideas and ways to interact with their customers, they will only continue to see a rise in engagement. 

For the news releases, we wrote about past awards and projects the company engaged in to have backfill for the website. Although we did not cover new tasks the company was taking on, we helped them to have information on their site and show people things they have done in the past as they move in the future. We provided many detailed plans for Densification Inc. as the company continues to develop its communications moving forward, and we look forward to working with them in the Spring!

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