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  • Cara Steves

Working with Newhouse MND

This past semester, the Newhouse MND account has been hard at work carrying on the efforts of past accounts and continuing to showcase the amazing accomplishments of the MND program. I was lucky to serve as the Account Executive, alongside a talented and dedicated team, including Teresa Kurkjy (Account Supervisor), Megan Kane (Account Associate), Yewon Hong (Account Associate), and Julian Frucht (Freshman Intern and account MVP). Our team was able to maintain a cohesive aesthetic on all MND social media accounts, create engaging content for our audience, and showcase important accomplishments and achievements from students in the program.

With the MND social media accounts as our primary responsibility, our objectives for the semester were as follows:

1. Post consistent Instagram content that follows branding guidelines at least four times a week

2. Use Twitter to inform and connect with followers on MND newsworthy content

3. Launch and use TikTok account to connect and engage with students

By creating graphics, prioritizing outreach to students, professors, and alumni, and sticking to a regular posting schedule, the Newhouse MND Instagram account increased its followers by 19% and increased engagement by 56.1% this past semester. We were able to expand our audience engagement on both Instagram and Twitter, reaching alumni and many esteemed journalists. Additionally, we celebrated the launch of a new MND Tik-Tok account that has featured two ‘Day in the Life’ videos thus far. In the future, the Newhouse MND account hopes to grow a stronger presence on the app and feature internship highlights, student Q&A’s, and content relating to student publications on campus.

Working on this account has not only given me a new perspective of the MND program and the incredible opportunities that are available within the major, but has helped me think critically about the best way to communicate the major’s ideals to a target audience of prospective and current students, families of students, faculty and staff, and alumni. I am excited to see what the future holds for the Newhouse MND account.

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