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  • Grace Guido

44 New Voices and Countless New Opportunities

This past semester, I was the Account Executive on the 44 New Voices account. 44 New Voices is a student-run and led organization at the Newhouse School that seeks to amplify emerging diverse voices. I immediately felt connected to this account because having diverse representation, especially in the media, is an on-going issue that I feel strongly about. Working on this account introduced me to many outstanding individuals that have been a part of the 44 New Voices list, and I am glad that through my work on this account I got to share these outstanding individuals and their accomplishments with others.

Our team’s main objective was to spread the 44 New Voices list to a national level. Previously, the PR efforts with this account were made directly within the Syracuse University community. In order to expand the list to a national level, we started out by creating a comprehensive excel spreadsheet with details about every list member, both past and present. This allowed us to familiarize ourselves with each list member and their accomplishments. Next, we worked on building a media list full of reporters, PR firms and professional connections that would be interested in hearing about 44 New Voices. Finally, our team wrote personalized media pitches based on the individual's niche and sent them out. From this work we received many positive responses and exciting future opportunities that could spread 44 New Voices to a large audience.

While I had previously learned about building media lists and media outreach in my PR classes, this was my first experience doing it for a real client. Ever since being at Newhouse, I have heard from PR professionals that media list building and media outreach is an essential skill that we must have before entering the workforce. A huge part of PR is building and maintaining connections with the media and creating a symbiotic relationship. Knowing how important this skill is, it was very valuable to gain experience with this while working for Hill Communications. One unique aspect of working for Hill Communications that differs from classwork is that you are answering to actual clients and being held accountable for the work that you do. Seeing real results from our efforts was a gratifying experience.

This was my second semester working with Hill Communications, although it was my first semester able to attend meetings and events in-person due to COVID-19. Previously, I worked on The Lerner Center account, which was very different to the work that I did for 44 New Voices. While working for 44 New Voices, I focused heavily on research and essential PR skills such as media outreach. Previously, my work for The Lerner Center account primarily focused on social media content creation. The range of different accounts at Hill Communications is vast, and the tactics each account uses to reach their clients goals varies greatly. One thing that I love about Hill Communications is that it gives you the ability to try new things and gain a variety of different work experiences. I look forward to my future semesters with this organization and to see what the future may bring!

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