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Making Connections: A Semester in Partnership with GreenHill Investment Reporting

It’s the end of another semester of Hill Communications’ partnership with GreenHill Investment Reporting, and our account team achieved numerous research and writing objectives targeted at internal and external audiences. GreenHill is a leading independent investment reporting firm that provides expert financial advice on significant mergers, acquisitions, restructurings, and capital raisings to corporations and institutions worldwide. The company takes a personalized approach, offering the capabilities of a large firm with added flexibility and customization. 

This semester’s team included Account Supervisor, Hayley Ipsaro; Account Associates Grace Choi, Carly Grafstein, Hannah Saltz; our Freshman Intern, Ana Duss; and I served as our Account Executive. We began by revisiting the research done by our team last spring, in order to update it with current information. We first refreshed an online messaging audit of GreenHill and their competitors. Updated research on Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), Not-For Profit, and Family Office industry associations was conducted to better reach those markets. We broke new ground by exploring LinkedIn Boosting strategies to expand the tailored reach of GreenHill’s messaging, and we performed feature analysis of knowledge management platforms for GreenHill to develop and store content for internal and external use.

We also had the pleasure of hosting GreenHill partners Bill, Jack, and Harry for a visit to Syracuse University! During our work day in the Newhouse School, we filmed a video directed at prospective clients. To execute this project, our team wrote a video script aimed at GreenHill’s targeted markets, and we shot and edited in-house. Then, we spent the afternoon testing knowledge management platforms based on our research. It was a valuable opportunity to learn alongside our clients and connect with them in-person.

Above all, I’m thankful to work for an incredible client alongside an exceptional team. I’ve learned so much from my time on the GreenHill account - about both the financial services industry and the nuanced applications of public relations within it. Throughout the semester, we made connections between the research we conducted and the resulting possibilities for GreenHill. Bill, Jack, and Harry are enthusiastic experts in their field who appreciate the value of our team’s impact. With gratitude, I look forward to the next opportunities in GreenHill’s partnership with Hill Communications.

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