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  • Daniella French

PR Prestige Meets Realty Royalty

Wow! What an incredibly fulfilling semester at Hill Communications working on the Acropolis Realty Group (ARG) account. I had the pleasure of being our account's Account Supervisor, alongside my amazing team comprised of Noah Lowy (Account Executive), Zoe Kofsky (Freshman Intern and account MVP), Mia Angioletti (Account Associate), and Drew Dinnhaupt (Account Associate). We worked closely with ARG's Sara Schiavone, who provided us the perfect guidance and support as our account took on ARG's goals.

Overall, ARG wanted to expand its existing social media presence on its two Instagram accounts and LinkedIn page, and as a result our account has created opportunities for its growth, such as researching new social media opportunities and solidifying a cohesive brand image online. This semester, the Hill Communications ARG account focused on three objectives:

  1. To develop ARG’s Social Media Presence;

  2. To distinguish the varying ARG branches online; and,

  3. To enhance clients’ relationship with ARG through personable content, even if clients are not currently searching for a new home.

Since our first meeting on September 27, 2021, the ARG Instagram account has engaged with 310 different accounts, giving it a 91.3% increase since June 10-September 7, 2021, as well as had a 2.4% increase in followers in the last 90 days. Post-interaction rates since September 8, 2021, have increased by 45%, meaning that since our account has started working on this task, we have successfully gotten almost half of ARG’s followers to be active followers. Furthermore, the ARG Instagram account has reached and engaged with 270% more accounts that were not initially following the account since June 10-September 7, 2021.

I can confidently conclude that our account has gained tremendous experience within the social media space, as well as gotten a first-hand look at what it takes to elevate a business from the back end, just like a true PR professional does. The collaborative workspace and inclusive environment we created throughout the semester gave us the opportunity to speak freely about our ideas and put them into action, which ultimately not only brought ARG success, but also brought us individual, personal success. I could not be prouder of our team, and I'm forever grateful to Hill Comm for providing us the necessary​ resources and support to be young professionals.

I know that the next group of ARG team members will be just as incredible and ready to take on this exponentially growing account!

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