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Reflections on the Lerner Center Account

Written by Grace Guido

This semester at Hill Communications I worked on the Lerner Center account. As someone who is passionate about health and wellness, I knew being placed on this account would be a good fit for me. As a freshman intern, it was my first time working with Hill Communications and I didn’t know exactly what to expect. My team regularly met once a week to discuss what we would be working on for that particular week.

Our primary focus was on maintaining our client’s social media accounts- including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. In curating our social media content for these accounts, we focused on seven different content buckets to diversify our content, as well as make sure we were hitting on all the main focuses of our client’s organization. Every team member was tasked with creating two original social media posts for these content buckets every week. On top of that, our account also kept up with social media analytics to see what posts were performing well. Collecting social media analytics and documenting them was a way to demonstrate to our client how our work was positively impacting their social media presence.

In addition to creating regular content for their social media, we also focused on several individual campaigns that tied into current events. For Black History Month, we created content that showcased black-owned businesses in our local community. For Women's History Month, we highlighted women that have made substantial impacts in the health and wellness community. Focusing on these topics during their correlating months allowed us to make content that aligned with the Lerner Center’s initiatives while simultaneously promoting important social causes.

Overall, I enjoyed my first experience working with an agency. Working with real clients gives you a perspective and experience that cannot be simulated with class work. Even though all of our meetings were held virtually, I felt like the firm adapted to it well. Attending firm-wide events gave my individual work for my account context in the scope of Hill Communications as a bigger picture. Overall, we are showing that completely student-led work can be effective and impactful for real clients.

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